M12’s first of its kind website provides leased line pricing within 30 seconds!

M12 Solutions, the award-winning Hampshire-based telecoms and connectivity provider, are announcing a UK-first with its connectivity brand Giganet’s new website.

The recently upgraded Giganet website features an instant address-level broadband & leased line availability and pricing checker. The website not only queries hybrid & full-fibre broadband on the UK-wide Openreach network, but also queries alternative full-fibre networks, and fibre leased line pricing from over ten national Ethernet networks. Services are delivered over the resilient and scalable Giganet network, and not resold like other providers, ensuring Giganet maintains control of the delivery and customer service.

Giganet differentiates by:
• Providing instant leased line prices to prevent you waiting days to receive your quote.
• Not requiring your personal details to receive an instant leased line quote.
• Not selling your personal details to comms resellers to receive a quote.
• Not reselling any connectivity option; we run our own network and interconnect with the carriers directly.
• Partnering with over ten national leased line providers to offer you the best prices.
• Partnering with alternative infrastructure providers to offer more Fibre to the Premises or Home services.

Andrew Skipsey (Managing Director), Mike Brandl (Data Network Engineer), Matthew Skipsey (Head of Giganet).

The development team at M12 and Giganet have worked to create a powerful Application Programme Interface (API) that instantly queries multiple UK and local alternative infrastructure providers, and then returns the fastest and best value options at the address entered.

Matthew Skipsey, CTO of M12 and Head of Giganet says, “Consumers are well-versed in online price comparison websites for insurance and utilities, however the same service has never been available for business leased lines or checking across the breadth of alternative fibre infrastructure providers to find the best broadband deals at your address. With the new Giganet website, this live checking service is available for the first time.”

Matthew Skipsey continues, “Unlike typical price comparison websites that take a commission and have no ongoing commercial relationship with the customer, Giganet delivers services over its own resilient and secure network, thus we’re in control of the customer service, tech support and billing.”

Managing Director, Andrew Skipsey comments “We believe this service is a first in the UK and will really help those organisations who like to do research behind the scenes before engaging with a potential new supplier. What is particularly exciting is that because M12 is a long-standing VoIP expert, we can provide a complete telecoms solution to anyone who chooses us for their internet connection. Couple this with a reputation for providing outstanding customer service, we think we have the ideal overall solution and will drive our success through increased digitisation of our services.”

Giganet is also unusual amongst its peers in operating across both residential and business markets. It knows that there is a swathe of internet users who want a more personal service with a professional connection which has the best throughput to the main content providers. With the Giganet services directly connecting to Google, BBC, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix and all the other big names, the experience is as fast as is possible from the local connection chosen.

To experience the Giganet quotation portal visit www.giga.net.uk and enter your postcode.