Privacy Policy

M12 Solutions takes your privacy extremely seriously. This privacy policy is designed to help you understand how we collect and use any information you provide, and to help you make informed decisions when doing business with M12 Solutions Ltd.


M12 Solutions needs to collect a broad range of information from you both personal and public in order to provide you with our goods and/ or services. Without such data, the goods or services could not be sold, or the customer service you receive would be negatively affected. However, M12 Solutions does not collect personal information for which it would be unreasonable to do so in providing these goods or services.

Information that M12 Solutions may collect and store include:

– Personal names
– Company names
– Telephone/mobile/fax numbers
– Postal addresses
– Email addresses
– Any information that is required for the installation of goods or services such as:

Installation contact, address, location, IP addresses

M12 Solutions may need to forward on some of this information to its suppliers or contractors (where used).

When using an online payment provider.

When you use an online payment provider such as PayPal of Google Checkout, you will be governed by their terms and conditions. However M12 Solutions will not have access to, nor will store the following in our own internal systems:

– Credit/debit card number

– Credit/debit start date

– Credit/debit expiry date

– Credit/debit (CVV/ CVV2) security code

– Credit/debit issuing bank

– Credit/debit card holders name as printed on card

M12 Solutions will not communicate to any third party the details of your transactions with us. If you purchased a major system (for example over £10,000 in value) we would expect to be able to promote the contract as part of our PR, (case study), unless you specifically asked us not to. Such information may include your business name and general location. 
M12 does not have access to, nor will hold any credit card details on file which you may have provided for payment of goods or services.

When using our website

The M12 Solutions website links to Google Analytics which may store cookies on your computer in order for it to operate. Google Analytics provides website analytics to help us understand how people use our website. This ensures that we always strive to improve the service we offer and make it easier for customers to navigate round our website.