Has digital technology really made communication simpler and more effective?

How does business avoid the paradox that instead of improving agility and cohesion, ‘enabling’ more flexible working patterns for example, the opposite can be the case. Instead of better information flow, access to relevant data can seem more complex, while any expected reduction in the operational costs fail to materialise.

Instead of improved communication, everything becomes more fragmented. And what is the impact on customer service and relationship building?

What do companies need to address then if their communication platforms are to deliver key objectives?

A major report commissioned by M12 Solutions will analyse the trends, where companies are on their journey. Leading up to publication, the latest thought-provoking interview with the director of one of the companies contributing to the debate will be available here for you to download.

Read our first interview with Peter Taylor, Managing Partner of Paris Smith.

The second interview, with Nick Lawton, Chairman of Lawton Communications Group is coming soon…