On the 4th July SpliceCom formally announced that the 4-series platform (4100 call server and associated modules) are now “End of Support.” Are you using this platform?


The 4-series platform was first shipped in 2002 and then superseded by the 5-series platform in 2007, meaning that the minimum age of these units is 10 years old.


Given the above, and if you’re using the 4-Series equipment, we recommend you consider upgrading to the latest SpliceCom SV1000 platform. We have considerable experience in migrating clients from earlier versions of SpliceCom systems, and the upgrade can be achieved with minimal costs and disruption, whilst delivering a supported solution with a defined roadmap for onward development, bringing a host of benefits and new features to help improve communications and reduce costs.


Click here to view the Features and Benefits of the SV1000 Platform


The SpliceCom SV1000 soft PBX can provide a direct replacement for the existing 4-series equipment and be located on-site. It can also be provided “in the cloud” removing the cost and consideration of on-site equipment, whilst providing the built-in flexibility and resilience of a cloud based solution able to deliver telephony services to any location (home/office/international).


Our customer support team can answer any questions you may have, and would be happy to discuss the options you have available and the benefits of an upgrade. However please do feel free to contact us to arrange a time for us to visit. We can discuss how you can continue to benefit from your investment in SpliceCom, providing your organisation with a fully functional and future proofed system capable of supporting your needs in the years ahead.