M12 Solutions is delighted to announce it helped Gosport based North Sails secure a new 36 month energy contract valued at over £170,000. M12 worked with its business partner Fidelity to provide latest spot price options from the breadth of energy firms who all bid to provide their best rates. North Sails are a big user of energy for its sail making facility which is housed in 1,950m2 industrial premises.

North Sails’ sail making loft in Gosport.

For M12, Managing Director Andrew Skipsey says, “We liaised closely with the North Sails team to overcome issues with their incumbent provider and kept them appraised of the changes associated with the fluctuations in wholesale rates, until they felt confident that now was the right time to move. We secured tremendous support from the Fidelity team whose expertise helped ensure that together we answered all North Sails’ queries and helped them reach an informed decision.”

North Sails director Adrian Williams said, “We have been busy with multiple projects and the steady professionalism shown by M12’s account manager, Sarah Mulley, helped ensure we had all options and the best deal for the medium term. We look forward to a new business partnership with a local provider in M12 Solutions.”

From Fidelity, Sean Dixon said “M12 Solutions were quick to embrace our telecoms firm focused service which helps them provide an added value addition to their main lines of business. Via our portal they can benchmark their customers’ energy costs and they are able, like with North Sails, to find new customers where later they can put forward their telecoms and Internet solutions. Brogan and Zack here became a virtual extension of M12’s team to secure this quality business in the marine sector.”

M12 Solutions is a well-established Fareham based telecoms firm and internet service provider who help their customers improve customer service and get the best of today’s telecoms, network services and superfast Internet connections, ultimately improving their profits and competitive advantage.

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