A week ago today the sudden onset of snow plunged much of the country into chaos! Not here at M12 though – we have a Disaster Recovery plan that ensures our team can work seamlessly from wherever we are. All of our team can work remotely from home (or anywhere else) and the snow was a good chance to put this plan into action.

Many of our customers were experiencing difficulties or concerns about running their businesses as usual, so our phones were ringing off the hook with requests to change voicemail messages, update time plans to close early or set them out of hours. Some businesses already had plans in place for these scenarios and so their settings were switched over quickly, to mimimise disruption.

I am one of M12’s support engineers and was working from my home in Southsea. As soon as our lines opened we were inundated with requests to divert calls to mobiles, set lines to go out of hours and change greetings to advise customers they were closed due to the adverse weather conditions. And for those who weren’t too sure if they would make it in the next day, codes were provided to manually change the greetings and modes themselves. All of this, plus our normal day to day requests of faults and change requests filtered in throughout the day.

I am pleased to say that nothing was too much trouble and we tended to every customer’s request, to ensure that they could do everything they needed to do to be able to work seamlessly, no matter what disruption the snow was attempting to cause.

If you want to find out more about creating a Disaster Recovery plan, to protect your business  from the unexpected, please click here.

Here is a selection of views from our ‘offices’ as our team worked from home:

by Terri Martin